The application of the month: February, electrical equipment and electronic components

In our daily life we have more and more to do with electronic objects or objects that work through electricity: from the simplest operations to home automation, everything around us works thanks to electrical material and electronic components. For more than 50 years Comec Italia has been helping... scopri di piu >

The application of the month: March, electrical and electronic components

For decades, electronics have been the engine of our society, from industry to the daily life of each of us. In particular, home automation is changing our lives: the extraordinary possibilities of this technology, however, pass through the installation of electrical and electronic appliances and co... scopri di piu >

The machine of the month: May, electrical equipment and electronic components

Home automation, the digital age, the diffusion of technology in every area: we are surrounded by electronic devices that make our lives work. Everything must be perfect, from the switch to the smallest connector. The Comec Italia technology allows information, codes, logos, everything necessary ... scopri di piu >