December, pad printing products: inks, pads, cliché

The machine of December ... is not a machine! Do you know that at Comec Italia, in addition to the pad printing machines that we have been designing and manufacturing since 1970, you can also find all the consumables needed for pad printing? Inks for printing on any type of material, a wide se... scopri di piu >

What is pad printing?

Journey into the many possibilities offered by an extraordinary printing technology The printing techniques available today for the industry are numerous and more and more advanced. Depending on the substrate and the type of pattern/logo/text to be transferred one may be more suitable than the othe... scopri di piu >

A cosa serve la tampografia?

Viaggio nelle molteplici possibilità offerte da una straordinaria tecnologia di stampa Le tecniche di stampa a disposizione oggi per l’industria sono numerose e sempre più avanzate. A seconda del supporto e del tipo di disegno/logo/testo da trasferire una può essere più adatta dell’altra. L... scopri di piu >

The photoexposures

We receive and gladly publish a clarification request on previously treated arguments. "Good morning, I have seen that there are on the market different types of equipment for the production of photopolymer cliché. In particular, manual photoexposures and more complex machines. But what is the ... scopri di piu >