The machine of the month: May, electrical equipment and electronic components

Home automation, the digital age, the diffusion of technology in every area: we are surrounded by electronic devices that make our lives work.

Everything must be perfect, from the switch to the smallest connector. The Comec Italia technology allows information, codes, logos, everything necessary for the correct use and positioning of the piece in the equipment or in the plant to be printed on all electrical equipment and electronic components.

Our pad printing machines can print in one or more colors on all parts of the piece, even on uneven surfaces, even simultaneously. Our technicians can help you find the most suitable printing solution for your work, starting from the simple standard machines for small productions, up to the custom made automatic lines according to customer needs, customizable with various movements and devices.

Do you want to speed up your production through safe and efficient printing technology? Do you have a project in the electric/electronic field and you want to understand which printing possibilities the market offers? Call Comec Italia!