The machine of the month – February: toys

The versatility of pad printing makes it possible to profitably apply this technique in the field of toys, for printing on plastic, rubber or wood.

Over the years, Comec Italia has produced pad printing machines for various applications in the field, from building bricks to model cars, from dolls to cubes with colorful designs, from balloons to roller skates.

The brilliance and the variety of colors of modern pad printing inks allows you to free your imagination, creating beautiful objects to see, attractive and cheerful.

The peculiarity of Comec Italia machines is that of being designed and built custom made for the customer’s needs: sizes, movements, speed, accessories, everything is designed according to the final result to be obtained.

Starting from the basic information, size of the graphics to be printed, material of the piece, number of printing colors, desired hourly production, our technicians are able to develop targeted projects, for all types of needs, from the small machine for short runs to totally automated and programmable machines. Performing accurate tests will select the most suitable inks and pads to obtain the best possible result.

Do you have a project to start in the toy industry? What are you waiting for? Call Comec Italia! Our experience will be at your service to achieve it as soon as possible!