Paint your world with Comec Italia!

Let's do a test: in your opinion, what are the most suitable colors to print on an appliance? And on a work tool? A gadget? Many of you would answer "gray, black, white," but many other "green, red, yellow" ... Because the truth is that even in the industrial sector is not necessary to place restric... scopri di piu >

È facile stampare con EAZY 90!

Desideri realizzare in azienda campionature e piccole produzioni riducendo al minimo sprechi e manutenzione? Hai bisogno di stampare su penne, accendini, tessuto, pinzette, piccoli oggetti di qualsiasi materiale e forma senza ricorrere a costosi interventi esterni? Comec Italia ha la soluzione di s... scopri di piu >

Print easy with EAZY 90!

Would you like to manufacture samples and small productions minimizing wastage and maintenance in your company? Need to print on pens, lighters, tissue, tweezers, small objects of any material and shape without expensive external intervention? Comec Italia has the right printing solution tailored... scopri di piu >